2017-18 proved to be such an amazing way to celebrate the first season of our 10th anniversary.  United Rock Nation earned many Grand, State, National, and International Titles on their way to 4 summit appearances, 3 finalists, a 4th place and 2nd place; not to mention receiving Triple Crown Points Race banner honors. #Blessed


Here is what we did:


USCA 2018 Nationals - Nova Southeastern University - Davie, FL

Clean sweep, ALL 7 teams took first place

Shannon is awarded with Val Henry Spirit Award for her dedication to her athletes




National Cheerleading Association - Dallas, TX

Bombshells (Sr4) 1st Runner-Up





Bombshells (Sr4)1st place




Universal Cheerleaders Association - Orlando, FL

Bombshells (Sr4) took 1st place

5th year in a row for the gym to take a National championship home.  Minis are back to back to back to back to back champs.  The gym as a whole was not participating this year, but went because they knew they could win the triple crown. The parents and kids got together and came to the consensus to GO GET THAT BANNER!  URN won the Triple Crown Points Race (1st Cheersport, 2nd NCA, 1st UCA) and full paid bid to The Summit . Bombshells got 1st in Cheersport, and UCA and 2nd at NCA, so they didn't win the Triple Crown, but scored the highest rankings in the entire nation, thus winning the Triple Crown Points Race. They were the only ones eligible going into the 3rd competition.




Return to Atlantis - Orlando, FL

Hotshots - National Champions (Jr3)

Divas- National Champions (Youth 2)




The Summit 2018 - Orlando, FL

4 Teams Qualified

Divas (youth 2)

Hotshots (Jr3)

Celebrities (Sr1)

Bombshells (Sr4)


3  Finalist

Divas (Youth 2)

Hotshots (Jr3)

Bombshells (Sr4)


1 Fourth place

Bombshells (Sr4)


1st Runner Up

Hotshots (Jr3)

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