2018-2019 HIGHLIGHTS

The 2nd season of our 10th anniversary celebration was one of new beginnings and growth.  We came out of the gate with a summit bid, followed by a year of excellence for all team across all levels.  Always the underdogs and always swerving the doubt as we achieve greatness, United Rock Nation debuted their first ever level 5 team. Sr5 Restricted, Lady Royals, earning a bid to The Summit.


Here is what we did this past season:


The State - Daytona, FL

Showstoppers - International Junior 2  (Received their Bid to the Summit 2019)

Pink Ladies - 1st Runner Up (Mini 1)

Knockouts - 1st Runner up (Jr4)


USCA Sunshine State Open - Davie, FL

7 First Place titles

Bigshots - National Champions (Tiny)

Pink Ladies - National Champions (Mini 1)

Glam Girls - National Champions (Jr1)

Boss Babes - National Champions (Youth 3)

Showstoppers - National Champions (Jr2)

Knockouts - National Champions (Jr4)

Lady Royals - National Champions (Sr5)


In addition to the above -  clean sweep United Rock Nation


Managed to hit the highest overall score across four different levels earning us 4 Grand Champions Titles as well.

Pink Ladies - Mini 1

Boss Babes - Youth 3

Knockouts - Jr4

Lady Royals - Sr5


But wait, there's more!


Boss Babes - Best Performance (Youth 3)

Knockouts - Best Pyramid Award (Jr4)




American Sensational - Orlando, FL

We took 7 teams

6 National Champion Titles

Bigshots - Tiny

Pink Ladies - Mini 1

Glam Girls - Jr1

Showstoppers - Jr2

Boss Babes - Youth 3

Knockouts - Jr 4


1st Runner up

Lady Royals - Sr5




UCA International Championship - Orlando,FL

Knockouts - Jr4 International Champs  (Received their Bid to the Summit 2019)




American Championships -  Orlando, FL

Boss Babes - Youth 3 National Champions




Athletic Championships - Ft. Walton, FL

We took 6 teams

Pink Ladies - Mini’s National Champions (Choreography Award Level 1 & Grand Champions)

Boss Babes Youth 3 - National Champions

Glam Girls Jr1 - 1st Runner up

Showstoppers International Jr2 - National Champions (Choreography Award)

Knockouts International - Jr4 National Champions (Choreography Award)

Lady Royals - Sr.5 Restricted - 1st Runner Up




USCA Nationals - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

BigShots - Tiny’s


Pink Ladies- Mini’s


Glam Girls- Junior 1



Showstoppers International JR2 - NATIONAL CHAMPIONS

Knockouts International. JR4 - NATIONAL CHAMPIONS

Lady Royals Sr5 Restricted. - NATIONAL CHAMPIONS




The D1 Summit - Orlando, FL






The D2 Summit - Orlando, FL

Lady Royals



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